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W2’s Online

You can get your W-2’s online through W2 Express.   You can either access their website through JetNet and Epays or directly at

  • The Company Code is 10101.

  • Your employee number should be 6 digits.

  • Confirm your personal image and enter your pin.

  • If this is your first time using this login – your PIN number will be your birth date (mmdd) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.  Use the following format:  mmddssss.

  • If you don’t remember your PIN, click on “Forgot Pin”, Answer a security question and then you can reset your PIN online.

  • Once logged in, click on the very first link “Get you r 2014 W-2 Now”.

  • Print it off or save the PDF and email it to us!

If you can’t get in – you can contact the W2 Express Help Desk from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Standard Time at the following numbers:

  • US Domestic Employees – 888-332-1843

  • Puerto Rico Employees – 888-481-5720

  • Canada Employees – 888-481-5722


Flight Schedules

It’s the digital age!

Securely sign in to our app which will extract your schedules and send them directly to us. No printing, email or messing with getting your paper schedules any more! You can download the Droid App to your device from the Play Store, or click here to download our Windows application.

The Process: By following the link above, you will be directed to our website, maxperdiem. You will be asked to accept an executable file. Your computer “should” for security, give you the option to download this file or reject it. Click accept. Once the file has downloaded, double click to get started.

This process is for your security. At no time does anyone at Flightax have access to your jetnet password. This is to satisfy the security requirements of American Airlines in keeping access to your account private.


American is giving us (flight attendants) access to the sequence history back to 2010.  They actually will give you the ability to either email it to yourself or email it directly to us here at Flightax.  Follow these steps:

  • Sign into JetNet.

  • Go to the Flight Service Website – Click on the Flight Attendant wings on the upper left .

  • Click on “Tools & Links”,  third up from the bottom of options on the left menu

  • Under Sabre help and links you will see FA Sequence History – the first option – Click.

  • We have access to 2009 forward.  For the applicable tax year, select all for that year – if you are amending a prior year, just select the appropriate year.

  • Click on “get seq data”  This will pull the information from Sabre.

  • Enter AA@ in the email field and click on email.

  • You have just sent your 2016 Schedule History to Flightax – do this now and we will get your per diem calculated ahead of time and ready to be added to your file and prepared!

You also have the option of printing out your schedules in epays under your pay registers – this will give us the half day counts for each of your layover cities.  Print these out in LANDSCAPE – again, print them in landscape, if you don’t, the half-day counts for multiple day trips will be cut off.  Send them into us with your Organizer and other tax information.

We will calculate your per diem for you from your schedules at no extra charge.  We utilize a proprietary program that has over 12,000 airport locations across the globe – more than any other per diem calculation provider.  Our program uses the exact date of your trip, not an “average” for the year.  There is no need to use another Per Diem service – we do this for you included in your preparation fee.

Per Diem continues to be the best deduction we have!  More importantly, this is an audit proof deduction.  We have had multiple audits on our per diem calculations – we have won each and every one when we had a schedule and half day counts to prove location, date and time.  If you have any questions on per diem or the use of half day counts, please just give us a call – ask for Brett!


Equity Distribution


Equity Distribution

As you know, as part of the contractual settlement in bankruptcy, AA Flight Attendants were given 3% of the company.  Your individual amount of stock has been determined by your prior years income.  The first distribution was made in December.  Withholding tax has already been paid on this initial amount.  The only additional tax you may owe is when you sell the stock.  If this stock is sold at a gain, you will only own on the difference between what you sold it for and the distribution price.  We need nothing specifically from you if you didn’t sell the stock.



Did you sell stock in 2016?

You need a 1099-B for your taxes.  This form will be released on February 15th, 2017!
You can access it through Jetnet.
It should be available by February 15th (possibly sooner)

Here’s how…
1. Log into Jetnet
2. Go to pay and benefits
3. Go to Super$aver 401K—This will take you to the Retireonline website. Sign in. If you don’t remember your username/password, it will prompt you to enter your social security number and answer a security question. A verification code will be given to you via phone, email or text.
4. Go to Correspondence on the lower left
5. You should see the 2016 PDF of your 1099-B
6. You can print it out or save it to your hard drive and email it to us at!

Download these instructions complete with screenshots.

Yes, a copy will be mailed but getting it online is Faster!



Professional Deductions

Union Dues:

If you are current on your APFA dues – you would have paid $492 for the 12 months of 2016. $41 per month.  We will confirm this amount from your last pay check stub. If you were out on a leave, you may have had to play catch up with your union dues, if you wrote a separate check for this amount, please indicate so on the Organizer on page 13 under Union Expenses.

Trip Trading Fees:

American Airlines employees have the most flexibility with their schedules of any of the airlines we service here at Flightax.  The fact that you can fly 140 hours one month and then drop everything the next with the ease we have it is only possible at AA.  Because of this, we sometimes pay trading services to help us with these transactions. This expense may be deductible:

  • If you pay a service to trade your trips, you must pick up trips of higher time or end up with a line of higher time or greater paying trips.

  • If you trade from an aisle position to a galley position, this also qualifies since this position has a higher per hour pay.

  • If you drop your trips and don’t fly a full schedule, your trading fees are not deductible.

NOTE:  There are times when you may have to put $$$ on a trip to drop it – this is not deductible.

Employee Purchases:

If you purchased any uniform items during the year other than what you ordered through points, it will be listed on your last pay check stub as Employee Purchases.  Remember, if you purchase anything through the ASU and have it payroll deducted it will show up here as well.  The IRS qualifies shoes deductible if purchased from a uniform shop – easiest way to have these be deductible is to purchase them from the ASU store and have the expense payroll deducted!




Determining Pass Travel Charges

It is always a common question – what are my passes really costing me?  Be sure to take into account the tax consequence when you give someone a pass.  “Generally” buddy passes are not subject to imputed tax – their fees are high enough to cover the required net value amount by the IRS.

However, if you have a domestic partner who uses your D2 passes, you are going to have some degree of a tax assessment.  The IRS considers this to be over and above your basic benefits.  A wife or husband, no, but a domestic partner yes.  So the additional value of this benefit to your domestic partner is going to be taxed basically as income to you.

If you are trying to figure the actual cost of a domestic partner ticket first, call Flightax and we will tell you what your effective tax rate is to determine the amount of tax you will be paying.

Here is what AA says:

On the Travel page of Jetnet, the Travel Planner will display service charges, information on the number of miles per segment, applicable taxes and user fees. Service charges are based on years of company seniority, city pairs (origin and destination), cabin (first, business, or coach), and pass classification (D1, D2, or D3).

Travel charges are also listed in native Sabre. For example: If you want to find out the cost of a trip from LaGuardia to Los Angeles, use the following Sabre entry:


    • For example: WRDFWLAX-AA


If your travel itinerary includes a connecting city, be sure to include all cities in the WR entry. For example, “WRDFWSTLLAX-AA” will provide the travel charges and value for an AA employee or retiree who travels from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Los Angeles with a connection in St. Louis. A separate service charge is assessed for each flight segment. If you do not know the three (3) letter city-code you can use Sabre format W/-CC(city code). For example, if you want to know the city code for Norfolk, VA, type W/-CCNORFOLK.

Note: Effective October 29, 2002, all employees and retirees of American Eagle will use company code AA in the WR entry. Previously, company codes WW, FA, SM, EX, EA, and UP were used.

Calculating Registered Companion (RC) or Domestic Partner (DP) Charges

Travel by RC and DP at D1/D2 rates are taxable.*Sample D2 trip for a taxable RC or DP. In the chart below is a sample charge from DFW to LAX.

$52.75D3 service charge, or “Trip Value” (do not include taxes and fees)

– 6.00Subtract D2 service charge paid (do not include taxes and fees)**

= 46.70Equals the net valuation (NV)

X 25%Multiply the NV by 25% federal flat tax rate (for U.S. employees)

A =11.68Estimated additional income tax you will pay due to this trip

B + 2.64Multiply the NV by 5.65% to recover the FICA tax

C + 2.34Multiply the NV by the applicable percentage to recover the additional State/city/local taxes, if applicable (5% was used in this example)

D + 12.30Add the service charge, taxes, and fees paid

=$28.96Add A, B, C, & D for the amount an employee would charge a RC or DP to be fully reimbursed for a flight.

* If your RC is your mother, father, or an employee/retiree of the Company, their flights are not taxable. Your only cost for their travel will be the service charges, taxes, and fees.

** The NV will vary because D2 service charges vary.

Note: Employees affected by reduction-in-force (RIF), Stand-in-Stead (SIS), or extended leaves with an off-payroll date on or after January 1, 2007 will be subject to imputed income for tax reporting purposes for flight privileges after the first 90-days of separation from the Company.

  • For the first 90-days after separation, NRSA charges will calculate the same as they do today.

  • After 90-days, in addition to applicable NRSA charges, travel will be subject to imputed income for tax reporting purposes.

  • Imputed income will be calculated using the same formula that is currently applied to travel by RCs or DPs.

  • Former employees affected by SIS, RIF or extended leave with off-payroll dates prior to January 1, 2007 are not impacted by this new policy.


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