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Extracting Yearly Flight Schedule Data

A new iCrew option will now allow you to extract yearly flight schedule data. The data has been available for several years for a fee through a third-party vendor, but is now available in iCrew at no charge.

The data file can be sent to you via your Delta email account, then you can forward it to us at Follow these steps:

  • Sign into iCrew and select ‘F/A Preference’ from the ‘Schedules’ drop down menu.

  • Click on ‘Schedule Leg Data Extract’

  • Select NO for send to vendor.
    Select YES for sending data to your company account.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with an attached comma delimited file (.csv).

  • Forward the email with attachment to

  • We provide you with your own Secure Tax Link account for uploading and submitting all of your tax documents.


Download the full instructions here.

We recommend using Saber to calculate your per diem for  a small fee.  They utilize a proprietary program that has over 12,000 airport locations across the globe—more than any other per diem calculation provider.

Saber's program uses the exact date of your trip, not an “average” for the year.  There is no need to use another Per Diem service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-408-4929.


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