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Are you still waiting for your Federal or State Refunds for 2015 or Prior? Accounting professionals

It's June, 2017, and you still are trying to figure out why you never received your refunds for tax years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016? Did we(tax professionals) do something wrong? Most clients and the general public would be quick to pass judgement. Let's be clear, 90% of the time your tax professional/accountants had or have nothing to do with the mishandling of your tax returns.

The IRS and State agencies for decades have been known to lose, misplace or claim they never received your tax returns. How can that be possible? When, most of the returns since 2010 have been filed electronically. if the conventional mail is used, I am certain the majority of taxpayers are advise to send via certified mail.

If you are one of hundreds of thousands, give us your thoughts. Let's stir the pot!

If you are still interested in getting your money, give us a call to discuss available options.

In the meantime, read what our colleagues and clients are going through:

Delayed IRS 2015 Refund

Kevin Kolenut, CPA - I have a client that has not received his 2015 (yes 2015) 1040 refund. (Filed 10/2016) They received a letter stating that additional time is needed to process the return. It is a very complex return with 40+ K1's and very substantial Income and refund amount. I am going to do a POA and call the practioners hotline. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I've never experienced a delay like this.


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  • Kevin Kolenut, CPA: Thank you all for the replies. Susan-can I ask if your client was paid 4% interest with the refund? That would certainly ease the pain!


  • Kortney Redick, CPA: same issue was resolved last month with a call to the local taxpayer advocate.


  • Susan Hurrell, CPA to Kevin, yes interest was paid on the total erroneous refund.


  • Kathryn Kucera, CPA to Susan Hurrell's comment "client thinks I am a moron" highlights a real problem. I lost a client (not a good one thankfully) over a similar issue, an IRS mess-up that I kept trying to fix. Clients don't always understand what's in our control and what isn't. This is what scares me about Yelp and similar rating sites -- a client can write a bad review on a preparer for something like this.


  • Susan Hurrell, CPA to Kathryn............and how do you bill for "service" like this? If I do not bill him, then it looks like the value of my time is zero or it is somehow my fault. If I do bill him, I probably will not get paid and the client will leave. As he is one of my largest clients, I am not billing him. He has tried twice to fix it himself and has first hand experience about how it goes. He emails me about how frustrating it is and asks me to keep going. :0


  • Susan Walton, CPA I had this happen to a client. We had to go through taxpayer Advocate to move the return along. The return got lost in the processing


  • Margie Manietta, MSA, CPA It could be a case of identity theft too. Get your POA together and call the advocate to make sure all is ok in that department as well.


  • Henry Jackson, CPA: I agree get a POA and call the Tax Practitioner Hot Line, The agents are very helpful.


  • Joe Wargo, CPA: The real question is: Why have whee the sheeple let the rules and the IRS get so complicated that IRS can't follow it's own rules? Case in point: There were no issue on my Mexican client's form 1040NR for 2015. We marked the box to send the $39,000 refund directly to his (U.S) bank account. So they sent it snail mail to Mexico and client never received it. I pointed that out to IRS and they did an investigation and, again, they snail mailed it to Mexico. Most recently they agreed to send the refund to my address -- in Texas. Haven't seen it yet. 2d

  • Kathryn Kucera, CPA: Good point, Joe Wargo, CPA, if the government itself can't administer the program it's definitely time to scrap it. Susan Hurrell, CPA: -- I have yet to bill a client for fixing these little issues that pop up. Thankfully they aren't that frequent for me. I think sending a bill would have a negative backlash more than I would gain by billing. If it is major, such as my first ID theft case several years ago (before the IRS had its separate task force established), I did bill separately, and the client did expect it.Show less

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